Wedding Picture Art

Your Wedding Day Memories on Canvas!

Your wedding day has come and gone, but wedding picture art lasts a lifetime! So many newlyweds and not so newlywed couples all paid the big bucks for that photographer to take pictures on your special day.

I have discovered, quite by mistake, actually, that even simple amatuer shots taken at a wedding can become a beautiful art piece. Art that you can enlarge and put on canvas or a poster stock or on glossy photo paper in a frame.

Wedding Picture Art on Canvas

Everyone shares the wedding pictures that they have taken after the big event. You don't have to be a professional photographer to take great pictures or create wedding picture art.

If you are like me, you take pictures of just about everyone who attends the wedding and most of the time you will catch unwanted elements in your photos, like extra people, heads, and other stuff that gets in the way of making that perfect picture.

Luckily, that isn't a problem when you take a digital image and you have photo editing software.

Digital Photo Editing

Editing software enables you to remove those unwanted elements and also affords you the opportunity to turn that wedding picture into art.

Yes, a painting or a posterization of the wedding image will make for a lasting memory and can be framed for everyone to see, instead of just tucking all your pictures into wedding photo albums.

Wedding photo art also makes a great gift to give that newlywed couple, whether you are in the wedding, a friend, or family member in attendance.

You can easily subscribe to my e-zine by filling out the box to the left. You will discover new tips and tricks in photo editing for wedding pictures and so much more! You can even create wedding picture art from pictures that have been tucked away in wedding photo albums for quite awhile or even years, say... for that big anniversary just around the corner?

Surprise the couple! You can be sure they won't be expecting it. All you need is a scanner and the software.

Here are a few examples of pictures from weddings that have been enhanced and creatively changed into art. This will help you see that simple amatuer pictures even have potential.

The first set is a before and after comparison of the bride.

The second set will give you a couple ideas of what can be created from one digital photo.

The last one is of the flower girl taking a short break. She was too cute to pass up!

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