Skyline Art...

Aim Your Digital Camera and Shoot the Skyscrapers!

Skyline art and cityscapes are by large one of the most sought after pieces of work for art enthusiasts.

Digital photos of busy cities, their towering buildings are prime for creating intriguing angles and special effects when you are dabbling in digital art.

The next few photos will help to explain the impact of cityscape and skyline art.

This first photo was taken from north of the Kansas City, Missouri skyline looking south.

Special effects and some text was added to the digital photo art to add a posterized look. You will discover, if you haven't already, that most digital pictures straight from the camera, will not have the artistry or the appeal until they are edited or enhanced.

Kansas City

The Scout overlooking downtown Kansas City

This next picture will give you an example of focusing on a close up element with the downtown skyline view as a backdrop for skyline art.

Downtown Kansas City

Photo editing with Photoshop CS2 makes adding special effects effortless and you can change the effects as many times as you like until you get the look you desire.

These next three city scenes were taken of the Seattle skyline. Two at night, and one during the day. The first one has been made into a poster version of the original photo. The second is an elongated version of the skyline with special artistic effects to enhance the lights at night.



Once again, you can tweak the photos, crop them for a close-up, more detailed view, and add text if you like to create a skyline poster or cityscape or put it on canvas like a painting. Just click the picture for canvas ideas.

Canvas on Demand

The last two are cityscapes that were taken in Savannah, Georgia, where a horse and buggy and old city architecture are a photographer's dream.


Each city scene was enhanced with visual effects that aim to draw it's viewer into the scape.


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Skyline Art and Cityscapes

in digital photography always makes a nice gift and adds to the ambiance of any room.

By using your own photos and making it a hobby and habit to make digital paintings of the city or skyline art you not only save money, but you will get enormous satisfaction from being an original with your own dynamic sense of style.

After all, who knows your taste for design or how to decorate your home better than you do?

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Be sure to browse some of the other pages in to see the vast array of ideas and possiblilities in digital art. There are many links provided throughout this site to help you discover your artistic direction.

If you are into digital photography, or just own a digital camera, you are well on your way to making it all happen.

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