Old School Days!

Old School Days? What a flash from the past! Creating posters from back in high school or college, even elementary, my dear, can really take you back.

Was it bobby socks, pony tails, mixers, sock hops and getting pinned? Or was it only a few years ago....with homecoming, courtwarming dances and senior trips?

If you have saved any of your old school days pictures, from way back when you were in high school or college, dig them out and you can create posters, some of those photos may create vintage posters!

Old School Days Photo Restoration

Regardless of how long ago it was, maybe even last year, or you currently have kids that are attending school right now, here is your opportunity to put those photos in posters.

I know my kids take loads of pictures of their friends, school events, get-togethers, plays, games, clubs, the list goes on.... all with their digital camera. Then they either get them developed and paste them all over their walls and picture boards in their rooms or they download them on the computer.

However, they do eventually move on or out and who knows what happens with all those pictures? Usually they tuck them in a drawer, some get lost, some thrown away, some deleted.

The same thing goes for people who have been out of school for sometime. If you have a little time, you should dig down and find some of those really classic photos that you took of your friends or were taken of you... you know, the ones that trigger a fond memory of a time and place back in the old school days?

Were you big in sports, in the school play, an officer in a club? These are all Kodak moments that you can use to design your poster. Group shots with your friends and buddies is very popular for a design, then add some text to give it that special touch.

If you have reached the tech age, you may already have the digital camera, a scanner, a computer, and photo editing software. If you don't have it all, it's pretty easy to find it all to get you started. Believe me, your kids will want to do this, because they will want to design posters for their friends, too.


This Baseball Team Poster was designed for a varsity high school baseball team. As you can see, these players will remember their season for years to come!

Even if you don't have the digital camera, scanners are cheap and the old photos can be scanned to your photo editing program.

Photo Editing and Software

After completing your photo art, putting them on posters is also easy and their are some really great web-sites through picture-pizzazz.com that you can depend on to get the job done.

Print a Poster
Old School Days on Canvas
You can create posters as gifts or use them to promote an upcoming high school reunion! Once again, the sky is the limit when creating digital photo art!

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