Reflections in Photo Editing

How to Create Mirror Images!

Creating reflections in photo editing with pictures that you have taken of people, animals, buildings or other subjects are fairly easy to make when you use your photo editing software. I prefer to use Photoshop CS2 when I create reflections in photo editing, because it has such a wide variety of tools and effects to make your reflections look real and perhaps... surreal.

All it takes is a little bit of know how and you will create mirror images in no time at all. The first trick is to choose a subject. I have found animals, skylines, landscape scenes are some of the best types of photos to create reflections in photo edting. The photo reflecion is even more interesting if you make it look like was actually all part of the original photo. The reflections in photo editing will help to change the entire perspective of the photo making it appear like your scene is near a body of water, puddle or mirror, for a mirror image. There are certain elements you should look for in regards to picking out a subject for photo reflections.

For example, if it is an animal, it is best to shoot it as it is looking down, that way it will appear as if it is looking at it's own reflection.

Buildings, like skyscrapers or skylines will appear to reflect at the edge of a body of water...and people may appear to be looking in a mirror or seeing their reflection in a window or some reflective surface.

If you keep these things in mind, your final reflections in photos will be more realistic in nature.

Let me show you some examples of before and after reflections...

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I have studied photoshop for years now and I always seem to find something new and something interesting that I haven't discovered before.

What better way to learn than to observe and then share with others who find photo editing as enjoyable and creative as you and I do?

So, reflections in photos is just one of many fun and creative ways to make your photography pop!

Here are more reflections in photos for your perusal!