Poster Art!

Wow Your Family and Friends!

Creating poster art could never be easier in this day and age of technology. The digital eye of your camera can open a plethora of unique poster possibilities!

By using Photoshop 7.0 my favorite digital photo editing software, I have been able to create an array of poster art styles using the countless tools, and a combination of tools that are part of the Photoshop package.

Whether your focus is people, places, objects, animals, structures, or even your backyard, the possibilities for creating posters is unlimited.

Good news is...Photoshop makes the process really simple and fun. Why, you can even make art posters with borders and text, and give them a professional flare. Then, when you're finished posterizing your digital photo, it's a snap to upload your photo file to a poster site that will put your art work on poster paper and frame it for you, too.

I prefer using either or Both sites have tremendous ease of use when it comes to making different size posters in whatever weight of paper you prefer.

Both sites also have directions on how to set up your own on-line gallery. Then your friends and family can view your posters and purchase them for gifts, if they so desire.

There is nothing quite like making your own posters and having them professionally printed on poster paper at very reasonable prices.

After all, what are posters, but blown up photo enlargements with a pinch of spice?! Here are a few examples of images that have had special effects and "posterization".

These images will change every few seconds, so you can see the poster art before the posterization, then after....

The whole idea is to make your digital camera work for you and your creativity will expand to greater heights when you start editing your photos with poster art in mind.

Turning your images into illustrations isn't as difficult as you might think. In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to make your images look cartoonish in just one simple step. Learn how to posterize your own images in this tutorial by

Get Creative and put YOUR pictures on POSTERS!

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