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So, what exactly is a digital photo montage, you may ask? A montage is a way of manipulating two or more photos on a single canvas. The cool thing about montages is the viewer is drawn to your canvas to see the detail of the images that you have overlapped and perhaps ghosted out of a particular scene.

Digital photo montages create visual memories of a particular place and time and the people that made that vacation or moment in time so special. Photo editing software is the key to creating montages. I use Photoshop religiously in all of my photo art.

To create a digital montage you should start with a canvas of reasonable size that you intend to place your photos. The size you use will depend on what you are trying to achieve....a photo or a larger poster print.

Choosing your photos that you desire to place on your canvas can be tricky, as you don't want your montage to look like a simple paste job.

You should have your photos blending from one into the next, and that is where practice is a must.

Starting with the basics and using 2 photos is best to get the look and feel of the scene you desire to create.

If you have not purchased photo editing software yet, let me suggest that you do, as you will get so much more out of your digital camera photos and hours of enjoyment if you like to create gifts and posters. Photoshop CS is absolutely the best and well worth it's price!

Let me show you a few examples.....

I began this digital photo montage with a beach scene in Key Largo.

Before I added my second image I edited my photo to just the feel that I wanted by cropping and adding a border. I then added another image of my son and erased around the edges using the eraser tool in Photoshop to get only his image without the background of the second photo.

You can move the 2nd image to where you want to place it in the montage, because it is a second layer that you are working on.

I ghosted his image by turning down the opacity level of this layer. When you get your desired effect you can flatten or merge your layers into one layer and save it as a j-peg file.

If you do not merge the layers before saving the montage, your file will be much larger. Remember to save your work before you merge your layers as a photoshop file (PSD), you can then return to the photoshop document and manipulate it more without losing all of your work if you haven't reached your finished product.

Here is another scene with the background in Key Largo and the added image of some eyes from another digital image....

Another fun idea is age progression in a digital photo montage.

Say you have all these photos of your kids that just sit in an album or shoe box and you rarely enjoy those pictures because they have been tucked away for so long.

So, why not dig those images out and scan them to your computer to creat a montage!

This is a bit trickier, because the more photos in your montage, the more manipulating you will have to do without it looking too junky.

The final project is well worth the effort though.

You would not believe the number of people who absolutely love an age progression montage that you print into a poster, frame it, and put it on the wall.

Then, those seldomly seen pictures that you took over the years are right there to be enjoyed by everyone.

This next poster utililizes the art of digital photo montage to the extreme with text, photos, special effects and much more......Just see all the possibilities of montage!

I can't say enough about photo montages!

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