Photo Enlargements

Bigger IS Better!

When you make digital photo enlargements from your photo art you can decorate your home and be totally original.

You can also turn those enlargements into gifts for all your friends and family.

There are a variety of mediums (photo paper stock) to choose from when blowing up your digital pictures.

If you want photo stock for picture frames of all sizes and qualities, there are some really neat companies out there from which you can select.

Digital Photo Ideas
Photo Stock

You can even put your digital photo enlargements on canvas, or turn your art into really big posters. Large posters serve well for creating interesting and original art work for your home, or for someone else's home, for that matter.

You can even make life size photo enlargements, and really wow your fans!

Digital Photo Enlargements

Own a Digital Camera?

The World Is Your Canvas !

This photo-art image was created from a digital picture that I took of myself just sitting in front of the computer doing silly stuff one day. So, do you see what a little tweaking can do? You could add some text, have it enlarged into a poster and lo and behold....POSTER ART ready to frame and admire!

It's so easy to become an original artist, because no one else will have the same access to your angles or point of view.

Your focus may be flowers and nature, animals, people, structures, city life... anything goes!

Take pictures, tweak them into something funny or serious, beautiful or interesting, and put your work on canvas or paper. You can go extravagant or simple, it's all up to you.

Photos on Canvas

Use your digital photo enlargements for creating gifts or turn your home into your art gallery!

Not only will you be an artist, but you will have the opportunity to admire those special moments in your life, everytime you look at your digital art.

Picture-pizzazz...How Did You Do That?

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