Family Portrait Pizzazz!

Every family desires to have their family portrait in that special place in the home. Family portraits add warmth and charm and reveal the lifestyle of the entire nest.

These days, with digital photography being such a snap, candid family photos and digital pictures of the family enjoying the beauty of nature outdoors in the backyard makes it simple to have either traditional or untraditional portraits made to adorn your abode.

We are in an ever-changing world, especially when it comes to photography and the family photo. The digital age has made it easy to make an ordinary shot into something extrordinary!

Natural shots of children at play or family get-togethers make for a fun and special photo-shoot. Your portraits will have that extra special charm when you take the time to shoot your pictures in natural settings. Most people don't realize how easy a backdrop made from nature creates the warmth that is sometimes missing from the traditional portrait settings.

Since digital photography has become so affordable and photo editing programs are the rage, anyone can take a family picture and replace the background with color gradients or any imaginable background you choose. Photo editing programs make it all so easy by using special effects to give your family portrait a soft painted appeal and the final outcome is all about you and your family.

This portrait was originally taken on a couch in the family's living room. By cropping and cutting out the original background, I then added a gradient of two shades of blue,

then I reverse cropped the picture to add a color mat to frame the picture.

This next picture is of the baby asleep on a black background. I then used a color taken from the baby's outfit to frame the picture. When you use a photo editing program like Photoshop CS, all of these tools are at your pc fingertips.

The next shot is of mom and baby.

The photo was cropped and special effects were added to make the photo soft with minimal color and a soft cream frame. This is considered to be a digital painting as I used special effects with different brushes in photoshop to create the essence of an oil painting.

This last photo is a snapshot that was taken over 20 years ago long before the digital age, but with a handy scanner I was able to edit the photo for the family portrait and even add text for a special touch and a special memory that may have been forgotten in a drawer or old picture box.

As you can see the possibilities are endless and you can put your ordinary photos to good use by using them to create family portraits and treasured memories to warm up the house.

Picture-pizzazz...How Did You Do That?

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