Black and White Digital Photo Art

Contemporary Pizzazz!

The popularity of black and white digital photo art is on the rise and creating interesting black and white posters from your digital camera shots is as easy as...

1, 2, 3!

Young and old artists alike are drawn to the appeal of decorating walls with black and white pictures, especially if you are looking for a crisp and fresh look.

The plain fact of the matter is that the simplicity of lines and images in black and white give a room a more contemporary feel. Decorating your office at work with digital art that is either in black and white or desaturated of color makes for an interesting perspective for the viewer.

Let me show you the differences and just how simple it is to create contemporary black and white digital photo art.... Take for example this digital photo piece that I call "The Kiss". The silhouette of the bride and groom is captivating because it draws you to a moment in time capturing that special kiss.

This digital photo of a graveyard becomes even more eerie and haunting when it's desaturated of color. It's almost as if the graveyard has been drained of it's life's blood and gives the photo a more spooky aura.

This digital image of an old time cannon on top of Fort Pulaski in Savannah is crisp and clean in black and white lines.

A long dock on the ocean in black and white creates a linear effect that draws your attention to the detail of the dock.

This little girl carrying her pail on the beach has been desaturated to create an interesting light and dark shadow effect.The edges have been posterized to add outline and detail to the image.

This old carriage house with the wagon appears more worn and old when desaturated.

Church steeples in black and white draw your eye to the perspective of the angle in which the picture was taken.

As you can see, when editing your photos to black and white digital photos by desaturating them of color, changing them to silhouettes, or into black and white digital photo art, you can create an interesting variation for a more contemporary look and feel.

How many of you just convert your images from RGB to grayscale when you want to create a black and white image?

How many of you turn to your Hue/Saturation adjustments and completely desaturate the image?

Well, in this video, you'll learn how to take control of your black and white images in a much more effective way. Just click here on flawless BLACK and WHITE photos, and you will view the video tutorial and be on your way to enhancing a better black and white digital photo, thanks to

C'mon and have Some Fun Creating Black and White Photo Art with...


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