Old Wild West Posters

Make A Hootin' Good Time!

Get the look and feel of the Old Wild West Posters that you can create from pictures that you have taken of your family and friends.

They will be surprised to see their mug on a Wanted Poster, Reward Poster, or an old Style Notice. Give them old varments their just dues and pin them to the wall.

Make 'um laugh and snicker when they see just what their guilty of and you've put it all on an Old Wild West Poster!

Use your digital

"Photo Editing Software".

First select a cream color background, and an old style font, preferably one from the Wild West. Type what you want the poster to convey...

Slap a friend or family member's mugshot smack dab in the middle of the poster...

Then just add some special effects to make the poster look old or beaten.

It's a hoot, and so unexpected that your friends will be astonished by your talents.

On this sample page I used an eraser tool to roughen up the edges and then I took a burn tool and rubbed the roughened edges to give it an old style feel. The project took approximately 45 minutes in Photoshop 7.0.

Old Wild West Posters

If you don't happen to have an old wild west type font. Just do a search for fonts by typing "get fonts" in a search engine. There are free fonts that you can download off the web to install on your computer and you're good to go!

The Old Wild West Posters are a fun project and easy to create.

You can print them right on your own printer or use any of the poster printing service sites that are available in the picture-pizzazz website. You choose the size, the paper stock, and quatity of posters you would like to order.

Print Old Wild West Posters

If you are into having fun with your photos and into surprising your friends, then I would suggest creating Old Wild West Posters!

Learn photoshop from the pros at....


Photoshop is an amazing graphics program, and with it, you can create some very photorealistic graphics. In this tutorial, for example, you will learn how to create antique map with holes and burned edges. This tutorial would also be great for creating antique hand-written letters.

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