A Personalized Photo Gift

Says It All!

What better way to show you care about someone than to give the very best... a personalized photo gift. How many times has your mind gone blank when it comes to getting that special person in your life the perfect gift?

In the past I have always wondered what to get for someone who seems to have it all. What shall I get for Dad on Father's Day, or for dear ol' Mom on Mother's Day? Gee, practically any occasion can come up and you draw a blank.

Well, I don't do that anymore, because I create personalized photo gifts for the ones I love from my own digital photos. The best thing about giving a personalized gift is that they are so much more appreciated than another necktie or another shirt that they'll put in the bottom of a dresser drawer.

Most families and friends get together for special occasions or any holiday, birthday etc, and if you have hit the tech world, you bring your digital camera to snap some shots of your loved ones.

Now you can look back through all those priceless pictures that you saved on your hard drive or on a CD and create something really special with them... a personalized photo gift.

Personalized Photo Gifts

After searching for a really unique gift idea, I found several options:

Photo mugs, Photo bags

A glamour photo...go from ordinary to extraordinary!

A digital photo enlargement that you have posterized.

Example of Posterized Photo

The possibilities are endless, especially when a personalized photo gift has that touch of pizzazz!

Here are a few examples of digital images that I have enhanced into posters and photo art for my loved ones. I will show you the before and after effects to give you a nudge of inspiration.

The first set was taken in my home town and is the Kansas City Plaza. The second set is an adorable little girl on the beach.

Kansas City Plaza
Kansas City Plaza

If you have not decided what kind of digital camera to use, you can make your decision a lot easier by comparison shopping with the click of your mouse.

Digital Camera Review

Or if you want to check out Adobe Photo Shop 7.0 Editing software...

Photo Editing Software

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A personalized photo gift is one of many creative ideas to roll with at the Personalization Mall. I just hate those brain dead moments when a birthday is right around the corner and I can't think of a thing to buy.

Well, be inspired with the gifts for all occasions at the Personalization Mall. It will make your life a whole lot easier and it's all right at your finger tips, too.

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