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What better way to get you excited about the possibilities of your own photo transformations that lay before you, than to actually show you a few examples of some before and after digital pictures.

Since I was born and raised in Missouri, the SHOW ME STATE, I will SHOW YOU the eye-popping difference it makes when you use photo editing software.

I have given the below image special effects simply by tweaking the digital picture with different techniques that you can acquire yourself by using a photo editing software program.

Picture of St. Louis Arch

Picture of St. Louis Arch

As you can see from this picture of the St. Louis Arch, the before photo is ordinary, but the after photo is quite eye-catching!

I reached my desired photo effect by playing with the digital picture until it screamed wow!

It's fun and easy to do, and the best part about the whole experience is that I was PLAYING! What better way to use your imagination, be creative, and have fun?!

My software of choice is Adobe Photoshop 7.0, and now Adobe Photoshop CS2 is hitting the market shelves, as well.

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