3D Digital Photo Effects

3D Pizzazz!

There are lots of effects to make photos interesting, but 3D digital photo effects make your images come to life, so much so, that they will walk right out of the picture!

I'll cut right to the chase. You can make that snapshot that you took at the zoo look like the animals are coming right out of the cage with an easy 3D digital photo effect.

Here are a few examples of my own. Both pictures were taken in Omaha, Nebraska.

The girl feeding her horse was taken downtown.

This picture of the polar bear was taken at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

If you would like to create your own 3D digital photo effects, I will provide you a 3D digital photo effects tutorial using the same methods as I did on the polar bear picture using Photoshop CS.

First, get in the habit of duplicating your background layer, and remember to use your snapshot button in the history pallet, so if you make a mistake, you can go back to that point.

So, let's get started....

By using the cropping tool, I cropped my image to frame the bear and part of the background.

Then make a new blank layer above this layer calling it "frame" by clicking the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers palette.

I used the rectagular marquee tool and put a box around the bear with his nose and part of the face protruding from the marquee.

Then I filled the marquee box on this layer with the paint bucket tool using the color white. Deselect your marquee box (ctrl D).

Using the marquee tool again, put a marquee selection inside the first marquee box, about the size of a picture frame. While this area is selected, take your eraser tool and erase the entire inside of the inner box, then deselect (ctrl D).

You now have a frame.

Hit (ctrl T) to select your frame in the frame layer. Go to (Edit-transform-perspective) and with your pointing tool grab one corner point of the outside of the frame and narrow the side of the frame with the protuding object (bear's nose) until it looks like it's further away from you, but don't over do it, just give it perspective.

At this point, return to the bottom background layer and fill it with black using the paint bucket tool.

Return to the background "COPY" layer to use the eraser tool.

Once again, be careful to erase only OUTSIDE your white picture frame...everything except what you want to protrude from the frame.

(Hint!) Magnify your working area to get in real close, so you closely erase around the protruding element.

Lastly, go back to the frame layer and using the eraser tool, carefully erase the part of the frame where your subject is sticking out.

Now you can make your own 3D photo effects! You can flatten all the layers when you are satisfied with your 3D effects.

Here are a couple more examples to get your imagination juices flowing....

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